Ukrainian troops began to retreat from the Zaporozhye direction

The position of Ukrainian troops in the Zaporozhye direction, which was previously key in the summer-autumn counteroffensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, is deteriorating. This is evidenced by reports from Russian war correspondents.

A significant advance of Russian troops to the north-west of Verbovoy was recorded, where the assault units of the Russian Armed Forces covered about 1 kilometer. This marked the largest advance in the area in a month.

According to military correspondents, the Ukrainian Armed Forces lost several positions on the front line and were forced to retreat to the village of Rabotino. As a result, the Russian Armed Forces are restoring control over the territories that were previously temporarily occupied by the Ukrainian military.

It was noted that the Ukrainian Armed Forces fired artillery at Russian positions at night, but the Russian Armed Forces carried out an effective counter-battery fight, suppressing enemy firing points. A subsequent attempt to attack Ukrainian troops with small forces was repelled by Russian mortars, which led to losses among the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


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