The destruction of the BMP from a grenade launcher hit the video

A direct hit on an infantry fighting vehicle from a grenade launcher was caught on video.

In one of the settlements of the Kherson region, the video caught the moment of the destruction of an infantry fighting vehicle from a hand grenade launcher. As a result of a direct hit of the released ammunition, the infantry fighting vehicle received critical damage, after which the detonation of the ammunition load of the armored fighting vehicle began and the latter, in a matter of seconds, turned into a huge flaming fireball.

On the video footage presented, you can see how a grenade launcher and his assistant fire a shot at an infantry fighting vehicle. Apparently, the shot was fired from a distance of about 500 meters, but this was enough to successfully hit the armored fighting vehicle and completely destroy it.

Judging by the video footage presented, we are talking about an infantry fighting vehicle equipped with a large-caliber gun, most likely the BMP-1. Given that the armored fighting vehicle caught fire almost immediately, the crew had no chance to get out of the blazing fireball.

At the moment, it remains unknown whether we are talking about only one combat vehicle, since in this case its effectiveness would initially be called into question, however, the source no longer provided any details on this matter.