NATO has declared an alarm due to the release of the Russian nuclear submarine "Belgorod" into the sea

NATO announced an emergency warning in connection with the release of the Russian nuclear submarine "Belgorod" into the sea.

The command of the North Atlantic Alliance announced an emergency warning to the navies of the countries that are part of NATO and are allies of NATO. The reason for this was the dispatch to the open waters of the Russian nuclear submarine "Belgorod", which is not only one of the most secretive submarines, but is also capable of carrying the Poseidon nuclear underwater unmanned vehicle, which, according to La Repubblica, is capable of cause a nuclear tsunami.

“The alarm stems from a NATO intelligence report sent in recent days to the most important Allied commands. Report on the movement of the Belgorod nuclear submarine, which went into operation in July. Now the submarine is back to dive into the Arctic seas and there are fears that the submarine's mission is to test the Poseidon super torpedo, often referred to as the "weapon of the Apocalypse", for the first time. Measuring 184 meters long and 15 meters wide, the submarine can move under water at a speed of about sixty kilometers per hour and with unlimited autonomy: approximately 120 days without the need to return to the surface. Propellers are also considered innovative because they are designed to protect against sonar.", - reports the Italian edition of "La Repubblica".

NATO considers the Russian nuclear submarine "Belgorod" one of the strongest opponents, which is explained, among other things, by the use of modern technologies in its development.


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