As a result of the detonation of ammunition, the barrel of the D-20 howitzer was torn off and thrown 80 meters

The drone filmed the consequences of hitting the 122-mm ammunition load. howitzers D-20.

The D-20 howitzer was destroyed during counter-battery fire. One of the rounds is said to have hit the shell boxes exactly, causing them to detonate instantly, causing a very powerful explosion. The explosion of the Soviet-style howitzer was very badly damaged. In particular, it is reported that the barrel, weighing 700 kilograms, was thrown up to a distance of approximately 80 meters. This was captured, including on the camera of an unmanned aerial vehicle.

On the video frames, you can see the moment the ammunition hit the ammunition of an artillery gun. All this was accompanied by an almost instantaneous explosion, which also captured the barrel of an artillery mount thrown into the air - it can be seen more clearly already during the fall.

It is not yet known for certain when exactly such video footage was taken, however, judging by the number of craters, the blow was most likely caused by an accidental hit, and not using corrective ammunition.


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