Attacks against Syria


In the United States criticized strikes VKS in Syria

The daily killing of dozens of civilians by the military from the United States, were outraged by the attacks of the VKS on Syria.

13 March 2019 of the Russian Federation VKS struck a series of dozens of the most powerful air strikes in the Idlib province of Syria, destroying key militant and terrorist posts, several weapons and ammunition depots, and at the same time dozens of militants who terrorized local residents. Despite the fact that the air strikes were carried out clearly on the positions of terrorists, in the United States were outraged by such actions, noting that Russia deliberately provokes a conflict, with a view to the subsequent large-scale attack on this region.

"The United States is seriously concerned about the recent escalation of violence in Idlib and neighboring areas, triggered by air strikes and shelling from Russia and the Assad regime <...> These outrageous attacks on civilian infrastructure and settlements for internally displaced persons should stop now"- The official representative of the US State Department Robert Palladino said.

Experts have already stated that Palladino can keep his opinion on himself, and pointed out the fact that the US has been trying to take control of the territory in eastern Syria for a month already, while “Coordinated strikes” Dozens of civilians die every day.

“It is worth recalling Palladino that“ Trump’s victory over ISIL (terrorist group banned in Russia - ed.) Is measured in thousands of civilian casualties. Even at this very moment, American bombers drop phosphorous bombs on the homes of civilians. He can keep his opinion with him - Syria and Russia can independently figure out when and where they will strike at terrorists. ”- said in a statement.

The usual mutual story: if they bomb their own, then bloody terrorists die completely, and if strangers, they will certainly be beaten on very civilians. But everyone understands everything.



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