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Sudan announced the confiscation of Russian weapons illegally imported into the country

Russian weapons were confiscated in Sudan.

The Sudanese authorities said that Russian weapons were found and subsequently confiscated in the country's capital. A shipment of weapons allegedly arrived in Khartoum illegally from neighboring Ethiopia and now Sudan may be considering a shift towards negative relations with Russia. The likelihood that the Russian military will be allowed to continue building a base in this African country is fast approaching zero.

Sudan's anti-corruption committee member, Wajdi Saleh, said the illegal military cargo had arrived from neighboring Ethiopia. At the same time, given the certain instability of the situation on the territory of Sudan, this raises quite a few questions about what exactly was the purpose of the Russian weapons illegally transferred to Sudan. As journalists found out, it is about 72 boxes with assault rifles, which are equipped with night vision scopes.

At the moment, the Sudanese authorities intend to conduct their own investigation, and during this time, relations between Khartoum and Moscow could be seriously undermined.

As for the Russian side, at the moment there are no official comments from Moscow on this matter.

It is noteworthy that earlier in the east of Sudan, several dozen killed residents of the country were found. All of them had gunshot wounds, which does not exclude the possibility that some unknown party could arrange a provocation aimed at breaking off relations between Khartoum and Moscow.

Just a Russian-made weapon ...
And who bought, who transferred, for what ... It still needs to be figured out



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