Turkey announced the development of an analogue of the Russian S-400 air defense system

Turkey announced the creation of an analogue of the S-400 Triumph air defense system.

President of the Turkish defense industry Izmail Demir announced that the development of a complex has begun in Turkey, which will be similar in its combat characteristics to the S-400 Triumph air defense missile system purchased from Russia. According to Demir, the complex will be ready within the next five years, after which Turkey can afford to abandon its dependence on foreign air and missile defense means. Judging by the statement of the president of the Turkish defense industry Ismail Demir, the Turkish military is banally busy copying the Russian air defense system "Triumph", thereby justifying the earlier fears that Ankara should not be trusted in this direction.

“Concerning the work on air defense systems, President of the Defense Industry Directorate Ismail Demir said:“ There are air defense systems that can withstand various threats. Now we have such air defense systems as HİSAR A + and HİSAR O +, with a range of up to about 20 km. We will create an air defense complex with a range of approximately 70 and 100 km. After that, we will rise above these indicators in the SİPER air defense system. We are slowly moving towards creating an analogue of the S-400. In 5 years we will pass these levels by completing them. We will commission SİPER by the end of 2023 ”, - reports the Turkish edition "Milliyet".

To date, Turkey's air defense systems have shown extremely poor effectiveness. This was traced on the territory of the same Libya, where, as a result of numerous raids by Su-24 bombers and MiG-29 fighters, there were destroyed entire positional areas of Turkish complexes, - the latter did not even react to the approach of combat aircraft, since they were banal suppressed by onboard electronic warfare.

Analog does not mean the same or better ... Do the Turks think that having a "sample" in their hands will be able to portray something similar? Trying in vain ...

"available documentation" .. are you serious? Have you seen such Talmuds at all ?! There is no mathematics / algorithms. Without them, no "experts" can repeat it. The Ottomans have weak air defense / radar mathematics.

What nonsense !!! Moreover, all military developments will go far ahead in 5 years. And in this context, Putin has absolutely nothing to do with it. Do you consider yourself smarter than everyone?

Today, global competition takes place at the level of intelligence. A professional air defense specialist just needs to look at the layout of the system, consider the functions performed directly by working in the system of the complex - and little remains. Take the available documentation, the relevant specialists - electronics engineers and the system will work. China has shown this scheme to everyone long ago. Starting from the car and ending with the fifth generation fighters. Not right away, but everyone will do it! Apparently Putin is not very clever if he does not learn anything. Or perhaps he made such a decision on purpose. After all, he gave part of Russian territory to China.

The dreamers! Design a latex sultan doll. This will at least be repaid in costs, and there will be demand.

the Turks still cannot make their car, they rivet Renault and Fiats

It's funny. So you haven't agreed on the supply of one more S-400?
But what is actually Ottoman in Ottoman UAVs? This Kremlin is unlikely to dare to supply components for the S-400 to Osmania.

Well, well, the Chinese could not tear off the S-400, and the Turks could do the maximum that they could do - outwardly remotely similar, better - inflatable ones made of rubber. Because they will definitely not be able to work as well as the original.