In Ukraine, announced about a Russian rocket ship burning in the Black Sea

Ukraine announced a Russian missile ship burning in the Black Sea.

Representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced the burning of the Russian missile ship R-60 in the Black Sea, which is a ship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy. It is reported that heavy smoke was observed on the deck of the Russian warship, which, according to the Ukrainian military, indicates a fire that began on board the R-60 missile system.

It is reported that the crew of the Ukrainian warship requested information about the need for assistance from the crew of the Russian missile ship, however, it was refused, stating that everything was normal:

Navy "Island": Commander, I’m watching you smoke heavily. Do you need help?

Russian Navy R-60: Everything is normal, commander

Nevertheless, as it turned out, the situation turned out to be provocative on the part of Ukraine - the smoke did indeed exist, however, this was not due to the emergency situation on board, but to the power plant used, which was the reason for the mockery of the Ukrainian captain over the R-60 missile systems, all the more so since the Breeze studio of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine compared the Russian missile ship with the aircraft-carrying cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov, which also made fun of a number of countries around the world due to the peculiarity of its power plants.

There somewhere else is still armored lined should swim.

In the Caucasus, this is categorically denied! They didn’t see this in Kuban either! In Don they say that Ukrainians are such fanciers! But in Goa and in the Canaries this news did not attach importance! - In Russian - IN UKRAINE! in Ukrainian let them write as they want!

They made fun of it not because of “features”, they knew how to build ships in the Union, and today's Russia simply either does not know how to service them, or money has already been stolen - most likely both of these ...

Correctly write in Ukraine, if you write in Russian. Yakshcho in Ukrainian, then in Ukraine.If you do it in English, please use in Ukraine.

Really. Russian ships are worthy of envy, because no other vessel in the world is capable of placing a smokescreen in any mode, and not only during the setting of smoke. It’s only a shame that this is where it ends.

R-60 is a missile boat

It was necessary to answer: - "I recommend moving away, otherwise it’s like with a fire and you won’t be hooked"

Shish kebab guys fried, and then rescuers in trousers and embroidered shirts.)))

The Black Sea Fleet of Russia has one, even one, according to the horses, a smoking ship .... They don’t have one ... They envy ...