In Ukrainian Zmiev, a hotel with foreign mercenaries was attacked

On the night of February 9, the Russian military carried out an attack on a hotel in the city of Zmiev, Kharkov region, using drones of the Geran-2 type. It is reported that foreign mercenaries were located in the building at that time. The attack led to a large-scale fire; not only rescue units, but also many ambulances were sent to the scene.

According to local public information, the attack on the hotel was carried out by drones with thermobaric warheads, which aggravated the consequences of the attack. The Russian UAV "Geran", as noted, has demonstrated high survivability in combat conditions, the ability to continue performing combat missions even after air defense attacks. This fact was emphasized by the speaker of the Ukrainian Air Force Yuriy Ignat, who previously stated that the kamikaze drone “Geranium” remains in service and continues its mission even after being hit.

The use of such drones is becoming an increasingly common practice of the Russian Federation to strike critical infrastructure facilities in Ukraine, including enterprises of the military-industrial complex, fuel and ammunition warehouses, as well as areas where Ukrainian Armed Forces personnel are concentrated.


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