Military fighters in the peaceful airspace of Ukraine


Military fighters in the peaceful airspace of Ukraine

February 19, 2014. Quite bloody events are unfolding on the territory of Ukraine. Many people are afraid to take to the streets. At the moment, the authorities cannot stabilize the situation. In recent days, an armed clash began between the authorities and the protesters. According to statements by representatives of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Security Service of Ukraine, the authorities are ready to apply the most decisive measures to restore order in the capital and in the country.

 It is worth paying attention to the fact that two military fighters flew over the territory of the Maidan between 10 am and 12 noon local time. Literally 10-15 minutes later, we noticed another military propeller-driven aircraft a little away. This fact suggests that there are two options for the development of events. 1. The Ukrainian authorities decided to use all possible forces and methods to suppress all disturbances. This applies to both the capital and the entire territory of Ukraine. 2. Foreign states are preparing an invasion of the territory of a given sovereign state. It can be both the USA and EU representatives. But it doesn't really matter anymore. The conflict begins to leave Ukraine.

Thus, it turns out that now many countries of the world are trying to impose their will on the government of Ukraine. In this case, we are talking about armed intervention in the affairs of a sovereign European state.

I work as an air traffic controller in Kiev ... no military aircraft was not that today, that yesterday and, I hope, tomorrow.
Russia anyhow write some negative!