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For the first time, the characteristics of the newest hypersonic missile Kh-95 are revealed

Russian military experts have revealed the characteristics of Russia's latest hypersonic missile, the Kh-95.

For the first time, Russian military experts and analysts announced the most likely tactical and technical characteristics of the newest domestic hypersonic missile X-95, information about the development of which appeared just a few days ago. As it turned out, the hypersonic missile will be designed to destroy the enemy's strategic targets, moreover, the capabilities of an air-launched hypersonic missile will be such that it will probably be able to hit targets at distances of up to 5 thousand kilometers.

As previously assumed, the Russian X-95 hypersonic missile will fly along an aeroballistic trajectory, which will significantly complicate the process of intercepting it. The missile's flight speed will probably be about 10 thousand km / h, and, apparently, initially the carrier of the X-95 missile will be Tu-160 strategic bombers, and in the future - the Messenger bombers.

“Its range should be comparable to the Kh-101 or Kh-555 missiles, that is, somewhere from two and a half to five thousand kilometers. The speed should be comparable to the flight of the Zircon rocket, that is, about 6-8 times the speed of sound. ", - said Konstantin Sivkov, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Rocket and Artillery Sciences.

At the moment, these parameters are very close to updating Russian weapons. Moreover, apparently, this will become a very big problem for potential Russian adversaries, since today the West has difficulties even with intercepting subsonic missiles moving 6-8 times slower than the estimated flight speed of the Kh-95 rocket.

Tu-160 not every fighter will catch up

5,5 thousand km.

And the drones will carry the X-95