The Russian Armed Forces liberated the settlement of Lastochkino - the Russian flag was raised above it

After the successful liberation of Avdievka, Russian armed forces intensified offensive operations in the northwestern and southwestern directions of the city, focusing on the destruction of enemy forces. Particular attention of military operations is focused on the area of ​​​​the settlement of Lastochkino, which is located directly west of Avdeevka. According to reports from military correspondents, the situation for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) in this area has escalated to a critical level, and enemy forces have found themselves in an operational environment.

According to Russian military correspondents, at the moment Lastochkino has already come under the full control of Russian troops:

“Swallow is ours! The “brave” defeated the enemy and raised the Russian flag over the village! Near Avdeevka, the 35th Brigade of the 41st Army of the Central Military District completed the defeat of the enemy and raised the Russian flag over the populated area. The 41st Guards Combined Arms Army continues its victorious offensive, expelling the invaders from Donetsk land."- said in the message.

An official comment from the Russian Ministry of Defense is expected.


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