The Russian Armed Forces hit the railway station in Konstantinovka during the transport of reserves

The Russian armed forces continued a series of massive attacks on military targets used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). According to a message from war correspondent Rudenko on his Telegram channel, one of the last targets was the railway station in Konstantinovka, where ammunition and ammunition for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were unloaded and delivered. Details about the scale of the strike have not been disclosed, but it is emphasized that the actions of the Russian army cover a wide range of military installations in Ukraine.

Voenkor notes that in recent days the Russian army has carried out a number of painful attacks on key Ukrainian Armed Forces facilities, including the port infrastructure of Odessa and the military training ground in Kurakhovo, where, according to him, more than 300 Ukrainian military personnel were killed. A special feature of these attacks was that the shells and ammunition contained congratulatory inscriptions to Ukrainian soldiers dedicated to the Russian holiday.

Experts believe that the successful actions of the Russian military in Avdievka became the starting point for the launch of a confident offensive along the entire front line of a special military operation.


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