The Russian Armed Forces destroyed the Slovak self-propelled gun Zuzana in the Northern Military District zone

The Russian military reported the destruction of a Slovak-made Zuzana self-propelled artillery mount (SPG), which was used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The attack on the self-propelled guns was carried out using the Lancet loitering ammunition, demonstrating the effectiveness of Russian drones in the fight against enemy military equipment. The use of such drones at the front causes significant difficulties for the Ukrainian military, destroying their equipment and manpower.

The Zuzana self-propelled gun, which is a modification of the Dana installation with a 155 mm cannon, was transferred to Ukraine by Slovakia in 2022. Since that time, these artillery systems have been actively involved in combat operations. The destruction of the Zuzana self-propelled guns highlights the Russian military's ability to accurately identify and engage high-value targets on the battlefield using modern reconnaissance assets and precision-guided weapons.

Despite the transfer of military aid to Ukraine from Western allies, the Russian military continues to demonstrate its ability to neutralize advanced weapons.


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