The Russian Armed Forces launched a missile strike on temporary deployment points of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

On Sunday night, the Russian military launched a series of attacks on facilities where Ukrainian military personnel were temporarily stationed in the city of Mirnograd, Donetsk People's Republic. According to military expert Boris Rozhin, the attack hit educational institutions used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces to house their units during rotation.

One of the targets of the attack was school No. 5, where, according to Rozhin, as a result of a missile strike, at least 22 Ukrainian Armed Forces servicemen were killed, more than 18 were injured of varying degrees of severity, and 16 people are still considered missing, presumably they are under rubble of the building.

About 100 Ukrainian military personnel were present at the Harmony Lyceum at the time of the strike. Half of them, according to the expert, died or were injured. It is also reported that the battalion command staff has been liquidated, including the commander and his deputy.

These actions reflect the strategy of the Russian military to knock out Ukrainian Armed Forces reserves in the immediate rear by launching targeted missile and bomb attacks on key enemy positions.


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