Antonov An-26
Antonov An-26. A photo. Video. Driving compartment. Characteristics. Reviews.

Antonov An-26. A photo. Video. Driving compartment. Characteristics. Reviews.


The twin-engine Antonov An-turbinovintovoy 26, originally designed as a military transport plane, remapped for transportation and landing of military personnel and cargo. An-26, was designed by the Antonov Design Bureau, based on passenger aircraft An-24, and, in fact, is its modernization. Flight An-26 is designed for short and medium distances. Ferry range aircraft is more than two thousand kilometers.

An aircraft-26 design consists of an all-metal fuselage with vysokoraspolozhennym reinforced wing and vertical tail surfaces odnokilevym. The rear part of the fuselage is equipped with a cargo door wide 2,40 meters, with hinged ramp, specially designed for the An-26. Under the wings of the aircraft, the An-26, gondola is equipped with two turboprop engines AI-24VT propeller left rotation and automatically variable pitch, AB-72. Also on the right engine nacelle mounted auxiliary turbojet engine RU-19A-300.

This reactive power setting is used to start the main engines onboard AI-24VT, as well as to provide additional traction when climbing during takeoff or failure of one of the main engines. The engine nacelles also established basic, two-wheeled, retractable landing gear.

An 26 photo

Antonov An-26 34


The decision on the development of the An-26 12 aircraft was made in March 1968 years.

Assembling the first test model was completed in December 20 1968 years.

His first flight of the An-26 21 May 1969 committed, under the command of the pilot Ketova JN .. Then began a program of state tests of the plane. Since the aircraft was planned to be used in landing purposes, special attention was paid to the opening cargo door in flight. the aircraft is also being tested at high altitudes.

The first serial An-26 was produced at the Kiev aircraft plant, August 29 1962 years. Mass production of the aircraft started to 1970 years, after all the official state trials. An A-26, was adopted by the Ministry of Defence of the USSR May 1975 26 years.

An 26 cabin

Antonov An-26 3434


An aircraft-26 Production continued until 1986 years.

12 July 1999 year was started the re-equipment of An-26 and civil transport An-26B planes, to airplanes for passenger traffic, in order to replace the obsolete An-24. Modernized passenger versions of the aircraft were designated An-26-100 and An-26B-100. These aircraft are equipped on each side with four additional portholes. These cars are equipped with passenger seats produced by Ulyanovsk Aviastar. These aircraft are equipped with refrigeration equipment, as well as optional video equipment or other household devices. For today, two versions of the An-26B-100 are used. The first version is designed for the transport of 31 passengers, the second option is equipped with 43 passenger seats. Aircraft An-26-100 usually has 43 passenger seats.

In 1992 year in China aircraft factory in Xi'an, Y-7H500 civilian version of the aircraft was released. This model is made of the earlier transport aircraft Xian Y-7H, which in turn is a copy of the Soviet aircraft An-26.

Antonov An-26 was produced in the following versions:

  • An-26B - civil version for container traffic

  • An-26BRL - aircraft designed to conduct ice reconnaissance

  • An-26P - version designed for fire services

  • An-26 «Sphere" - version with installed equipment for the study of atmospheric conditions

  • An-26SH - aircraft variant for the preparation and training navigators.

  • An-26M - Medical version of the aircraft

  • An-26-100 - civilian aircraft for passenger traffic.

  • An-26B "Cyclone" - this version of the aircraft carries equipment to disperse the storm clouds.

  • An-26PTP - option ELINT

  • In addition to these modifications, designed and other variants of the AN-26.


An interior-26 scheme

Antonov An-26 place


Total production was released about 1400-26 An aircraft. In today's time the passenger version of the aircraft, the An-26-100, as well as several other modified An-26 continue to be used on the lines of air transport.


Technical characteristics of the AN-26-100



Antonov An-26. Gallery.

An-26 photo on the front of the runwayAn-26 cockpitAn-26 photos in the air

An-26 photo SideAn-26 plane prepares for takeoffAn on-26 runway

photo An up-26krupnymAn-26 in the mountainsphoto An-26, view from below



  • First flight: May 21 1969 years

  • Years of mass production: c 1969 1986, at the city

  • Length: 23,80 m.

  • Height: 8,58 m.

  • Empty weight: 15020 kg.

  • Wing area: 74,98 sq.m.

  • Wingspan: 29,20 m.

  • Cruising speed: 440 km / h..

  • Maximum speed: 540 km / h..

  • Stall speed: 260-280 km / h

  • Ceiling: 7500 m.

  • The radius of action of the aircraft: 1100 km.

  • Range: 2600 km.

  • Length of takeoff: 870 m.

  • path length: 650 m.

  • Capacity: 5550 kg.

  • Engines: 2 turboprop engines AI-24VT

  • Crew: 5 people

  • Number of seats: 35-43 places

An 26. Video.

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With 1985 for 2000, the year was lucky to work in Chukotka as the head of the ATB shift. The main match is An-24 and An-26B. Lovely cars. Reliable, easy to operate. I note, perhaps, one minus - this is, of course, the technology of the middle of the last century - it is not easy for all units and units to get to service, not to mention the replacement. And vseravno about these machines were only positive memories. Hearing in the sky a familiar "voice" AI-24 involuntarily raise your head to look with a familiar swallow. I consider An-26 to be one of the best Soviet-era aircraft. I loved, I love and I will love!

Super aircraft - AN-26. I had to work with this machine for many years. This aircraft is very reliable and hardy. With regard to the range and load it all perfectly acceptable. My opinion will never change and I think that this aircraft is the An-26 can not be replaced by another.

An-26 for me is a reliable aircraft. Personally, I flew on this plane 20 years as commander. In all that time I never once did not know that such a malfunction. For me, the An-26 super car, and if I had to fly on a plane right now, I'd love to chose Ahn-26.

I think An-26 reliable and proven over many years of flying. In Kostroma, the aircraft is operated with 2006 years, both as cargo and passenger options. And on this side and on the other side of the aircraft it has proven itself just fine, so the bad reviews about the plane, probably not, but if there is, then personally from myself I will say that I do not support them.

He flew from Kostroma to St. Petersburg, comfortable, everything is fine. Many are left meaningless responses, did not really understand. True tickets for it I got to work.

An-26 is not a trough, as some claim. This is the most reliable domestic turboprop aircraft. But the most important thing is that this flying machine, every passenger feels just comfort. Personally, I flew AN-26 few times in summer and winter. I have only good impressions so bad I can not say anything.