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Russian pilots want to leave without holidays

Pilots want to dramatically shorten the duration of leave.

The Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Transport intend to shorten the vacation period for pilots and flight attendants. For air carriers and hundreds of thousands of passengers this can be a serious problem, as it threatens possible strikes and threatens the safety of flights.

At the moment, the duration of the labor leave for civilian pilots is 70 days, but with the submission of the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Labor, it is planned to reduce it for two weeks - up to 56 days. This caused a wave of outrage among the crews of aircraft that threatened to carry out large-scale strikes throughout the country, which could create a lot of problems for hundreds of passengers.

"Now we are working on wear and tear - working six days a week, we can sleep normally only on one of our days off. If the government decides to reduce our work holiday by 20%, then this will affect the safety of flights. Perhaps this is not realized in the government, but after making such a decision, passengers should better prepare for mass delays and cancellations of flights, as the wave of strikes will sweep across the country ", - the interlocutor of has declared.

It is known that the proposal of the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Labor is primarily due to the fact that the pilots control modern airliners, which, in the opinion of the departments, do not require heavy physical and emotional loads.

First of all, it is necessary to arrange a strike for the pilots about 6 working days, increased flight rates. But they do not; will lose in payment. And if the pilots do not normally rest now between flights, then this is already a matter for them, and for their employers, and for the Ministry of Labor. Does every passenger now run the risk of life?