Air crash An-12B Komi UGA near Surgut
Air crash An-12B Komi UGA near Surgut

Air crash An-12B Komi UGA near Surgut

· Date of the crash: 22.01.1971

· Time of the crash: 21: 36

· Country of the crash: USSR

· Location of the crash: Tyumen region, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, 18 km northeast of Surgut airport

· Type of aircraft: An-12B

· Registration of the aircraft: USSR 11000

· Aviation company name: Aeroflot (USSR)

· Division: Komi CAA, Syktyvkarsky JSC

Chronology of events: The aircraft spiraled down the left turn from a height of 400 m. The commission revealed that when turning at speed 330 km / h (within the operating instructions of the An-12 aircraft), winging took place. At the airport in the 1300-400 layer, m was seen strong icing, which is confirmed by the evidence of the crew of An-12 No. 12996, which conveyed strong icing at 1200 m, and a synoptic analysis of the weather situation.

Data on victims:

· A total of 14 people were on board: 12 crew members and 2 passengers. A total of 14 people died: crew members 12, passengers 2.

Details of the crash:

· Flight stage: landing approach

· Identified causes of the crash: deficiencies in design, weather conditions

Data on the plane:

· Aircraft make: An-12B

· Aircraft ID: USSR-11000

· Country in which the aircraft was registered: USSR

· Aircraft production date: 03.12.1965

· Aircraft serial number: 5343610

· Aircraft operating hours: 5626

· Aircraft operating cycles: 2578

· Engines: H 2335379 H 2445066 H 2345008 H 2535041

Flight data:

· Flight type: Cargo

· Aviation Company: Aeroflot (USSR)

· Division: Komi CAA, Syktyvkarsky JSC

· Country in which the aviation company was registered: USSR

· Flew from: Omsk (Central)

· Flew to: Surgut

· Original item: Omsk (Central)

· Final point: Syktyvkar

Additional information:

Information about the crew:

· Piloting crew:

· KVS Sergey Alekseevich Bakharev

· Co-pilot Anatoly Petrovich Dekhtyarenko

· Navigator Valery Konstantinovich Bakhin

· Flight engineer-instructor Mikhail I. Kazachkov

· An operator Anatoly Antonovich Tychenko

· Flight attendant Vladimir Malinin

· Replaceable crew:

· FAC Leonty Andreevich Butov

· Co-pilot Anatoly Mikhailovich Shama

· Navigator Peter Stepanovich Azarenkov

· Flight engineer Anatoly M. Yudaev

· Radio operator Nikolay Ivanovich Soklakov

· Flight attendant Igor Ivanovich Pushnikov

· Passengers:

· 75 engineer Lo Nikolai Kayakin

· Accompanying cargo Evgenia Rudolfovna Kramar