Commercial aviation
Commercial aviation

Commercial aviation


Business aviation is one of the sectors of civil aviation, narrowly specialized in the design, manufacture, maintenance and operation of any aircraft, the main purpose of which is to provide individual and corporate air travel between cities or a single state or on international flights.



On the territory of the Russian Federation, business aviation was born in the early 90-ies of the last century, and if at the beginning of the success it is not used, then today to imagine a civil aircraft without the aircraft business, also known as a business, it is simply impossible, especially given the current state of business in the world.

Air tools used in the aviation business, as a rule, have a small size that provides the greatest comfort of air travel, but it is worth noting that in some cases there are exceptions. Typically, the aircraft business jet designed for reception on your board of 6-8 people to 25 passengers, with one of the differences between these planes is to enable the use of such essential functions for the business person as mobile telephony, Internet access and so on. d.



Until recently in Russia used the modernized Russian aircraft, but as of today, increasingly use foreign-made aircraft.

Currently, the business aviation is available mainly business people who regularly need of an air travel over long distances, but is limited to a few thousand kilometers, but in any case, business jets in this case it is necessary to take into account that the average distance air travel business aviation can make an intermediate landing in almost any airport in the world, and later to continue the flight.



Business aviation is also a very important feature - the aircraft maintenance cost is very expensive, and because in recent years, many business people prefer to use for their own purposes helicopters that do not require the maintenance of roads, and usually do not cause problems in its operation. In addition, in order to accept the helicopter, it is not necessary to have a specially prepared ground, which is what makes these tools in business aviation irreplaceable recently.