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Buryat Airlines. Official site. 


Airline "Buryat airlines" was established in the year 2001 as carrier, providing services in the field of passenger traffic, air cargo, mail, etc. Nevertheless, the history of the air carrier has its origins back in the year 1992, and all this time the company is constantly evolving, increasing the pace and volume of air.



History of the airline

In 1992, the privatization of the Ulan-Ude airline was carried out. In 1998, the airline was renamed Buryat Airlines. Three years later, she was declared bankrupt, but in 2010, the resumption of flights began. The first was Irkutsk - Nizhneangarsk. During the year, the airline resumed two regular lines: Ulan-Ude - Taksimo and Ulan-Ude - Nizhneangarsk. In February, 2013, in conjunction with the Buryat Airlines PAN airline, resumed flights to Kyren, Orlik, Irkutsk, Bagdarin, Kurumkan. 


In October 2010, the An-2 airline operated a flight from Wakit to Bagdarin. At the height of 2300, the crew was in minimal weather conditions. Not being able to fly further or go back, it was decided to carry out an emergency landing. As a result, the co-pilot and one of the passengers received injuries of varying severity. 

To date, the fleet of "Buryat airlines" there are 13 vehicles:

  • 5 Mi-8T;

  • 4 light-engine aircraft AN-2;

  • 3 aircraft An-24RV;

  • 1 aircraft An-24B.


Despite the fairly large fleet of cars, airline carries out its flights only on 7 main areas:

  • Ulan-Ude;

  • Nizhneangarsk;

  • Irkutsk;

  • Taksimo;

  • Orlik;

  • Kurumkan;

  • Bagdarin.


The main priorities of the airline "Buryat airlines" is to ensure maximum safety and comfort conditions for air travel.


Basic data:

  • Airline country - Russia;

  • Engaged in the regional airline in Eastern Siberia.

  • ICAO airline code: BUN;

  • Internal airline code: BYU;


Buryat Airlines official website : http://buravia.ru/

Buryat Airlines (Buryat Airlines). Official site


Contact details:

  • The mailing address of the airline: Aeroport, 10, Ulan-Ude, Buryatia, Russia, 670018,

  • City Airline Phone: + 3012227965;

  • Airline fax: +73012227785;

  • E-mail Airlines: [email protected];

  • Domestic flights: Nizhneangprsk, Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude, Taksimo.

  • Base airport airport  Baikal, Ulan-Ude.

  • The airline's fleet includes Antonov aircraft An-24Antonov An-2/An-3., An-26Tu-154M, IL-62M, A-410helicopter Mi-8T.


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Bad Company is constantly delayed for a day at least

He made a lot of photos when boarding the aircraft. Everything is very neat, beautiful aircraft, new. Service at the highest level. All liked it.

He flew in Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude and well rested for the flight. Beauty is very comfortable, the staff pays maximum attention to the safety and comfort of flights.

I know that in Buryat airlines to date fleet, barely exceeding 10 aircraft machine half from which helicopters. They, of course, I did not have to fly, but the aircraft is impressive.

Tell me, please, will resume a message from Nizhneangarsk-Ulan-Ude? THANK YOU

Every year, the airline is stepping up the pace and improve the quality of service. This development comes just huge jumps. I flew last more than 6 years ago, and during this time the company has grown and evolved into a full-fledged, growing company.

Specially I bought a ticket on a flight "Buryat airlines" look. Flight Strezhevoy Tomsk 08.05.15g. Interior clean, opposite the emergency exits (inner) seat upholstery highlighted a different color (red). comfortable chairs. The crew is polite, normal service. Oleg. PS And if someone, an old airplane, etc. and etc., dear, all claims against the government, thank you so fly.

She used the airline "Buryat Airlines". I liked the plane very much. The inside is clean and comfortable. The seats are comfortable and soft. The staff, as they say from God. The stewardesses are great, talkative, smiling. The pilot is a master of his craft. Flew without delay, landing at the highest level. In general, I liked everything, food and drinks are very tasty. I hope not the last time I used this airline. thanks

Quite often you have to fly to Nizhneagarsk with Buryat Airlines. I am very pleased with this airline. Always polite flight attendants. Takeoff and landing are always soft and quiet. If necessary, they can give a blanket. Another plus, that soon there will be discounts for children under 5 years old, for pensioners and students. But this is not yet certain. Let's see what will happen next. And in principle, everything is fine.

We flew with his family in Irkutsk, the service was pleasant, very nice and comfortable aircraft. It is enough to quickly and gently took off, the weather was good, so we were flying safely landed too good pilot, professional, in general, we liked it, will continue to use the services.