Freewing SCORPION 100-60
Freewing SCORPION 100-60

Freewing SCORPION 100-60

Scorpion is a multi-purpose UAV development of American firms Freewing Aerial Robotics. This low unmanned action which utilizes the principle by which the wing is at a certain angle of attack over the entire flight. This configuration has its advantages: the loss of speed is stored improved stability, and with strong gusts of wind - improved longitudinal stability. Through various sensors unit to perform various tasks with confidence, even when coming in the turbulent air flow.

Using the sloping body design allows the UAV from the complex Scorpion to hold off and landing on a steep path to the slant of the thrust vector. This is especially important point in the implementation of take-off from unprepared sites or the landing on the deck of an aircraft carrier in heavy seas. Due to the excellent stability when strong gusts of wind and turbulent zones "Scorpion" is able to perform its tasks in an environment where the rest of the existing configuration UAVs can not operate.

Development inclined housing conducted by Scaled Composites in a joint project with Freewing Aerial Robotics. Also, these companies jointly developed a new wing profile optimized for maximum lift with minimum losses.

To control roll and pitch are used outside elevons. The developers of the company Scaled Composites manufactured completely integral framework established Rotax engine and flight control system, at the present time, it is widely used in the flight test program.

There are two modifications of the Scorpion drone: Scorpion 60-25 and Scorpion 100-60 (larger in size). 

Freewing SCORPION 100-60. Harakteristiui:

Modification   Scorpion 100-60
Wingspan, m   4.90
Length m   3.60
Height, m   1.10
Wing area, m2  
Weight, kg  
  empty   145
  takeoff   215
Fuel l   62.5
engine's type   1 PD Rotax Hirth
Power, hp   X 1 65
Maximum speed km / h   222
Cruising speed, km / h   121
Range, km   50
Flight duration, h   6.5
Rate of climb, m / min   732
Practical ceiling, m   4572


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