The development of civil aviation in the DPRK. Start of a new era
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The development of civil aviation in the DPRK. Start of a new era

The development of civil aviation in the DPRK. Start of a new era.


Just the day before there was news that the North Korean authorities began to produce light civilian aircraft, and, if still in Last year, it was considered nothing more than a rumor, it has appeared the first video of the new civilian aircraft Korea could rise into the air. It is not industrially developed and do not have high-tech start DPRK support themselves airliner, and it is likely this will come out successful future.


The ups and downs of Civil Aviation DPRK


All that we know today about the DPRK is to ensure that this small country, where the number of poor people far outnumber the rich, and, quite possibly North Korea, and could get out of difficult financial situation, but the sanctions imposed by the United States, South Korea Japan left all hopes in the past, including this applies to aviation.



In fact, in North Korea it has its own airline, but its fleet used here is very outdated and consisting exclusively of Russian aircraft such as the Tu-134, Tu-154, An-24, IL-18 and others. The flights airline «Air Koryo» performed exclusively in China and Russia, and it is possible flights would be carried out in several European cities, but the EU has made the list of banned airline, which is why the activity of the carrier have obviously not the smoothest.

In 2000, the DPRK authorities tried to establish their own passenger planes, which would allow them to expand the geography of their flights, but the financial situation and the lack of resources were such that it had to be postponed. Nevertheless, in the press now and then news flashed that the aircraft designers from the DPRK are actively working on the design of their own aircraft, cheap both in terms of operation, and in terms of production. At the end of last year, even a number of notes appeared that one of the planes was finally assembled and is being tested at the moment, and yesterday, finally, there was news that the DPRK had put the production of light passenger aircraft on the stream, and the first flight was directed by The North Korean leader himself.



Many in the media have already started to talk about the fact that the new aircraft will be one of the greatest breakthroughs in North Korea for the past 15-20 years, however, was hardly taken into account the factor that the resources in the DPRK is still not available, and therefore, mass production of aircraft likely will not see the world. However, there is a possibility that a number of Chinese airlines may be interested in purchasing light of North Korean passenger planes because of their relatively low cost, and this is to have much more progress.

It is believed that the possibility of creating a civilian aircraft in North Korea appeared by reducing military spending, but there is no official confirmation of this.


The first steps and beyond



At its core, the DPRK took the first steps in creating civilian aircraft. Western news agencies have already managed to call the new aircraft an "unreliable vessel", however, it is necessary to take into account the fact that technologies are always identical, moreover, the majority of aircraft builders from North Korea were trained in Russian universities, which means that their knowledge is no worse than Russian aircraft builders. It is possible, in this regard, there is a number of problems with the design and release, but you can test and upgrade the aircraft without computer equipment, although this takes much more time.

It is possible that in the future, North Korea could start producing large passenger aircraft with a seating capacity of up to 100-150 people, but everything will depend on the receipt of this experience in the aircraft industry.


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