SP Korolev
Sergei Korolev - the designer of the spacecraft

S.P.Korolev - spacecraft designer


SP Korolev (1907-1966), spacecraft designer, who was born in Zhitomir in the family of teachers. He studied at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, then moved on to the evening department of the Moscow Higher Technical School. Bauman. During his studies he worked in the aviation industry. In 1930 city

C.P. Korolev defended his thesis project, and 1931-m create a group studying the Jet Propulsion (GIRD). Soon after receiving the post of deputy head of the Jet Research Institute. He was arrested unreasonably. In 1938-1944 years. I was in prison.

In 1945 the city with a group of Soviet experts Korolev sent to Germany to learn about and explore the German missile and rocket technology. With 1946, was the chief designer of ballistic missiles. With Korolev tied brilliant achievements in space flight - launch of the first artificial Earth satellite (1957 g), the first flight of cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin (1961) and others.

SP Queen was twice awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor, he was the winner of the Lenin and USSR State Prize.



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