How much time to go to the airport Vnukovo
How much time to go to the airport Vnukovo

How much time to go to the airport Vnukovo: distance, location



Vnukovo is the only one of the three international airports of the capital's air hub, geographically located within Moscow. Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo are located in the Moscow region. Consider how to get to it in different ways - budget and not very. 

How much time to go to the airport Vnukovo: distance, location


Basic ways to get to Vnukovo four:

  1. "Aeroexpress".

  2. Taxi.

  3. Public transport.

  4. His car.


Shuttle Vnukovo "Aeroexpress"

This is the most reliable way, which allows you to save time, nerves and money.

Aeroexpress trains depart from Vnukovo to Kiev station (Art. M. "Kiev")

daily from 6: 00. On the Web site is a scheme through which you can easily find the entrance to the building.

The interval between flights - from up to 30 60 minutes.

In the period from 11: 00 to 13: 00 train at Vnukovo do not go, what to look for.

Time on the road: 35 minutes.

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Last train "Aeroexpress" sent from Moscow to 00: 01. Tickets sell mobile cashiers, online on the Internet, in vending machines and ticket offices. Most passengers prefer to buy tickets at the "Aeroexpress" for cash. Through the turnstiles can be passed on payment card "Troika" system, bank cards Visa or MasterCard.

When buying a ticket through the internet price is 420 rubles over the counter - 470 rubles. For the privileged categories of citizens and passengers with children discounts. wagon train "Aeroexpress" comfortable enough, the need to take the business class is virtually absent.

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Vnukovo Airport is equipped with a comfortable transition from the underground platform in terminal building. The terminal A can be accessed through an underground passage to the terminal B - across the street.


How to get to the airport by the metro?


  • The metro station "South West".

From the station to the Vnukovo daily buses number 611 and 611s.

Bus № 611

Shuttle bus time - 35-40 minutes, departures - every 15 minutes.

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Fare: 60 rubles per ticket «90 minutes" (allows you to go to any form of public transport within 90 minutes, including to make a single trip on the subway). Tickets can be purchased at the box office Metro. The alternative - to buy a card "Troika" and replenish it to the required amount. In this case, you can significantly save their money.


Bus number 611s flies to the airport Vnukovo with 7: 00 23 to: 00 and 25 minutes interval movement. Time on the road - 35-40 minutes.

Schedule all public land transport, see Mosgostransa site. You must specify the direction of movement, interesting day and route number.

  • "Troparevo" metro station.

This station of the red line of the Moscow metro was opened in December 2014 years. It is located just outside the station "South West" and push off of it and above buses. And yet, it is recommended to sit on public transport it to "South West", as it is the final stop. Here are more likely to take the free space, not to sit in a crowded bus and shake 35-40 minutes in the passage with luggage.

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Transfer to the airport Vnukovo taxi

We recommend to use only legitimate taxis, that is, those who have a license to carry out its activities. Such cars in Moscow are usually painted in yellow and black chess symbols. Checkout taxi online or on racks, located on the first floor of the airport terminal.

The main advantage of ordering a taxi online - fixed cost services. That is, you will know in advance how many will have to pay the driver for the trip. Pay shuttle service can also advance by credit card.

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The trip to the airport Vnukovo his car

Getting to the airport personal vehicle can lose time on idle in traffic jams, so you need to leave, having an adequate supply of spare time before your flight. It is worth remembering that the plane will not wait for the arrival of each passenger. In addition, it is necessary to think in advance about a place to park the car.

For violation of parking regulations at the airport Vnukovo you may be brought fine and the vehicle evacuated to shtrafploschadku. Prices for short-term parking of cars starts at 100 rubles / hour. If you go on a long-term journey, we recommend to leave the car in a secured parking. The cost of a parking lot - from the 250 rubles / day.

Additional advantages of traveling to the airport in your car are that you only spend money on fuel and can take any amount of baggage with you. 

Taking into account Sobyanin's promises to lay the metro to Vnukovo airport, for Pobeda a / c this will be an additional plus when choosing a carrier. The metro will not only save time, but also cut travel costs. After all, Aeroexpress is not cheap (for a family of 3-4 people), and a bus or taxi can get stuck in a traffic jam due to an accident or traffic blockage for top officials or guests. A / C Pobeda can take advantage of this and boast that the road to the airport will not be too expensive (Aeroexpress) and will not cause additional stress (traffic jams, late taxi). This is exactly in line with their financial policy. You can change to the "yellow" line at the Park Pobedy station. Here, too, you can come up with your own "zest" (Victory - Victory Park) well, etc.))