Bomber B-52


American bomber worked out a strike on the Far East

The American B-52H bomber has worked out a strike on the Far East.

Unexpected details of yesterday interception The Russian Su-35 fighter of the American B-52H strategic bomber made it possible to establish that the American military aircraft was purposefully flying towards the Russian border, practicing strikes against the Far East and Russian Navy and Aerospace Forces bases in this region of the country.

As it turned out, not one Russian Su-52S fighter was sent to intercept the American strategic bomber B-35H, but three combat aircraft of this model at once. Moreover, much more remarkable is the flight route of the US Air Force strategic bomber.

Initially, it was assumed that the American B-52H bomber was flying from an airbase on the island of Guam to the United States. Judging by the information provided by the Telegram-community of the Hunter's Notes, after the appearance of a group of three Russian fighters, the American bomber, having flown a few more hundred kilometers, turned around and lay down on the return route. This indicates that the flight was purposeful and during it strikes were practiced on Russian territory.

The American side has not yet commented on its actions. Obviously, over the next few days, and probably hours, Russia will prepare a symmetrical response with a visit of Russian strategic bombers to American borders.