Aircraft reconnaissance


American reconnaissance aircraft hit the zone of destruction of Russian intercontinental ballistic missile

The Americans wanted to spy on the tests of the Russian ICBM and ended up in the affected area.

As part of the planned tests of a Russian intercontinental ballistic missile, which was supposed to hit a target at the Kamchatka Peninsula firing range, the US military acted very unwisely by sending its special aircraft to this region, designed to track such launches.

At the moment, it is known that a special RC-135S Cobra Bell aircraft, taking off from the Eielson airbase, went to Alaska, and from there tried to approach the Russian borders in order to study in detail the launches of Russian ICBMs. The problem for the Americans is that in the case of tests with a powerful warhead, the aircraft with the American military would not only end up in the affected area, but also because of a powerful electromagnetic pulse, it could well crash.

"To control the progress of numerous missile and ballistic firing, planned in the Russian Armed Forces for the coming week according to the schedule of presidential events, today an RC-135S Cobra Ball aircraft, specially sharpened for the above issues, arrived at the Alaska Eielson AFB airbase from the Offut AFB airbase.", - reports the "Operational line"

At the moment, it remains unknown how exactly the US Air Force command learned about the launch date, since only approximate test dates have appeared in open sources, which does not exclude the possibility that the American side conducted an operation to track activity in the ICBM launch area.

Earlier, on December 1, 2020, information about the planned launch of ICBMs was reported by the Operative Line Telegram channel, while, apparently, we are talking about launches of two ICBMs at once, one of which will be launched from a nuclear submarine.

For ordinary people, they do not say the date of the launch of the missile, but only know the date of the day, those states with which there is an agreement on the upcoming launch of a training nuclear missile in order to prevent a nuclear war and the Americans also warn the Kremlin about the launch of a training nuclear missile and the date of the day

ICBMs are not launched with any "powerful warhead" during exercises. A mass-dimensional analogue with an instrument block is flying. So there is nothing to be afraid of.