Rocket RQ-4


American RQ-4 flew at point blank range to Russian military bases in Syria

American strategic RQ-4 Global hawk at close range flew to the Syrian borders.

A few hours ago, the American strategic reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle RQ-4 Global Hawk was spotted near Russian military bases in Syria. The drone not only performed a long mission, but also almost flown close to Russian military bases on the territory of the Arab Republic.

It should be clarified that until now, American strategic unmanned aerial vehicles RQ-4 Global Hawk have been rarely seen at Russian military bases in Syria, most often as Boeing P-8A Poseidon or RC-135V airplanes, which caused a lot of questions from experts on this subject.

Analysts do not exclude that the American strategic UAV RQ-4 Gloibal Hawk could carry out aerial photography of the Russian military base Hmeimim, but no official comments were made on this subject.

Given that the mission of the American drone was very lengthy, obviously Russia did not take its combat aircraft into the air to intercept this drone.