Airline Pskovavia


PskovAvia Airlines began to fly from Kursk to Moscow

Airline "Pskovavia"Opens direct flights between Kursk and Moscow.

Passenger flights on the route Kursk - Moscow will be launched by the PskovAvia airline from today, while according to the information resource, the flights will be performed by airplanes An-24 twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays, providing highest quality services for the passengers themselves, and at the same time allow the most efficient load the aircraft.

According to official data presented by the airline "Pskovavia" ticket price will vary from 2435 to 3935 rubles (without taking into account additional fees - approx. Ed.), Which is quite cheap, especially considering the fact that the current routing in routing flies are not many airlines.

It is worthwhile to clarify that, in addition to the current air direction, in the near future the air carrier will also begin flights on the route Yaroslavl-Arkhangelsk, What has previously been reported.


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