Belarus has sent troops to the border with Russia and is blocking the route to Moscow. Video

Helicopters and fighters of the Belarusian Air Force have been spotted on the border with Russia.

The situation in relations between Belarus and Russia is very seriously aggravated against the backdrop of harsh statements from Minsk about provocations prepared on the territory of the country to overthrow the current government. Instead of sorting out the contrived Minsk situation, the Belarusian authorities not only began to arrange provocations, but also sent troops to the border with Belarus - at the moment in the area of ​​the M1 highway, armored vehicles were seen, and combat aircraft and helicopters were seen in the sky, which causes a very serious concern, however, moreover, large-scale military exercises began on the border of the Vitebsk region and Russia.

"In the Vitebsk region in the north of Belarus on August 11, the planned military training will begin," Natalya Gavrusik, an official representative of the Ministry of Defense of the republic, told RIA Novosti. "The preparation of a military-trained reserve at military training is a process that goes on continuously in the Armed Forces. Persons liable for military service are constantly called up for training of various durations throughout the year," she said. Earlier, in a number of Telegram channels, information appeared that military-liable residents of the Vitebsk region bordering Russia were sent summons to appear at the collection points on August 10 (the day after voting in the presidential election). As noted by the sources, it was a 25-day training camp ", - about it сообщает information publication "RIA Novosti"

According to the Belarusian media, tomorrow, near the Russian border, there will be flights of Belarusian fighters, fulfilling some training tasks and landing on the M1 highway, which will be blocked for quite a long time.

At the moment, Belarus is completely illegally keeping Russian citizens on its territory, which can lead to a very serious political conflict between the two states.

Yeah, but Russia has nothing to do with it))). The Belarusian KGB is working well, they intercepted Putin's "come" in time))

And who prevents them from turning off all the taps? And let them fight on donkeys ...