Bomber B-21 Raider


The B-21 Raider bomber became the world's first sixth-generation aircraft

The B-21 Raider bomber has officially become the first aircraft of the sixth generation.

American strategic bomber B-21 Raider became the first aircraft of the sixth generation. Initially, it was assumed that the aircraft could still belong to the fifth generation bomber, however, as it turned out, there is an important nuance that allowed the aircraft to become the first sixth generation aircraft in history.

Despite the fact that the B-21 Raider strategic bomber is very similar to the B-2 Spirit strategic bomber, the key feature is the presence of a network-centric control system. Until now, this option has not been implemented in any of the existing combat aircraft, and it is this option that determines the sixth generation of combat aircraft. This enables the latest bomber to actively interact with various kinds of networks. This, in turn, provides an opportunity to objectively and almost instantly receive information from several sources at once. It is expected that the Russian bomber of the PAK DA project may also have the same option, however, so far there are no plans for its presentation.

Despite the fact that the American B-21 Raider strategic bomber was presented, it will only enter service with the US Air Force by 2028. However, it is known that we are talking about US intentions to get 200 of these bombers at their disposal.


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