Britain aircraft carrier


Britain will split its fleet and send an aircraft carrier to the Black Sea

According to British experts, London wants to play a key role in the Ukrainian direction. In particular, it is suggested that "this role may be even greater than the role of the United States."

Such statements were made along with the appearance of data on the readiness of the British naval command to send two warships of the Royal Navy to the Black Sea.

The Times says that London has warned Turkey about the passage through the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles of a British Navy destroyer and frigate to enter the Black Sea. In reports from Britain, it is said that for such purposes they are going to divide the strike air group, which is currently in the Mediterranean Sea. The destroyer and the frigate (one of the two frigates - Northumberland or Kent), which are going to be sent to the Black Sea area, are now part of the AUG of the Royal Navy.

The command of the British naval forces says that with such a step, the UK wants to support Ukraine in the light of the "aggressive actions of Russia."

Experts believe that this decision was made in London after the United States refused to send its warships to the Black Sea. Let us remind that earlier the USA informed Turkey about the passage through the Bosphorus of the destroyers "Roosevelt" and "Donald Cook". However, after a telephone conversation between the presidents of the United States and Russia, Biden refused to send his ships to the Black Sea region. Britain, which wants to implement a strategy to restore its presence in the oceans, has decided to send its ships to the Black Sea to replace the American ones. This decision was probably agreed with Washington.

It should be noted that the British AUG, led by the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth, was initially sent to the Pacific Ocean "to contain China." Apparently, London is pinning such high hopes on its carrier strike group that it is going to use it to "contain" both China and Russia.

Let the Aral Sea patrol

yeah Kuzyu got scared)))))))))

and if they swim, what will you do? give up tomatoes)))))

they have a high probability of accidentally finding a mine or two,

It is not pleasant that Great Britain supports the growth of tension and tries to provoke a war.
But the nuisance is not intimidation.
The Black Sea from West to East is about 1100 km, from Crimea to Bulgaria about 500, from Crimea to Turkey 267 km.
The question is, will NATO sailors feel comfortable in the conditions of a CONFIDENTIAL DEFENSE FROM THE SHORE AND AIR, provided they are constrained in maneuvers?
Forms of reports are available in the office of the ships ..? )))

Where is it written in the text that "... will send an aircraft carrier to the Black Sea"? Or destroyer + frigate = now it's an aircraft carrier?

Not .. will send 10 Pl, 5 destroyers, 13 frigates and 2 aircraft carriers, and a bunch of patrol boats, so you can bury

Don't want to swim to the Caspian Sea?

If the Britons are not afraid that their aircraft carrier, named after the eponymous liner Queen Elizabeth, owned by Star Line, with a tragic fate, will suffer the same fate as its predecessor, then Welcome to hell.

And if the restrained don't hold back ...

It's funny. )
The English Navy is a collection of antiquities.
They don't even have Tomahawks.
The coolest English rocket - Harpoon, development of the 70s ...)))

The queen of the ponds, decided to show her strength?
There is no more that queen of the seas and the fleet is no more, it is so much the remnants of the former luxury.
But if the evil Russians sail up to the shores of England at this time, what will Her Majesty's fleet do? At best he will again send a patrol boat, or even a tug with a minesweeper. And then they will tell in the news how they valiantly intercepted the Russian fleet.