Bul-bul boats: the American landing ship burned to the ground due to a mysterious explosion

The American landing ship LHD-6 Bonhomme Richard burned to the ground in San Diego.

The huge American landing ship LHD-6 Bonhomme Richard caught fire unexpectedly, and sources also report a powerful explosion on board, and for several hours, despite the efforts to extinguish it, it burned out almost to the ground. Bulkheads, according to local sources, could not withstand the prolonged exposure to temperatures of several hundred degrees and collapsed, which led to the rapid spread of the flame.

On the presented video frames you can see the burning process of an American warship. Puffs of smoke did not rise to the sky a few hundred meters, which did not allow the effective use of aviation to extinguish a fire, and nearby ships did not provide efficiency, which was captured by shooting from an unmanned aerial vehicle.

The American side has not yet voiced data on the number of people on board the American UHD UHD LHD-6 Bonhomme Richard, however, judging by the information about the explosion on board the landing ship, there may well be injuries and victims.

At present, it was not possible to completely eliminate the fire, but, judging by the video frames, it was possible to reduce its intensity, although it is obvious that the UHD LHD-6 Bonhomme Richard will be decommissioned due to the inexpediency of the repair, although the vessel was only commissioned in 1998.