Czech Republic transferred to Ukraine a squadron of Mi-25 attack helicopters

The Czech Republic transferred to Ukraine a squadron of combat helicopters.

At least 7 more combat helicopters appeared in service with the Ukrainian Air Force. As it became known, the decision to transfer to the Ukrainian military its Mi-25 combat helicopters (export version of the Mi-24 helicopter - ed.) was made by the Czech Republic. At the same time, along with the supply of the helicopters themselves, weapons for these combat vehicles were also transferred to the Ukrainian military.

According to preliminary data, helicopters are already on the territory of Ukraine. Moreover, the latter were transferred by air at night and, judging by some reports, are located in the western part of Ukraine. According to a number of sources, the helicopters are in good technical condition and a few days before the transfer to Ukraine, these rotorcraft were serviced and prepared for combat use.

Today, about three dozen Mi-8 and Mi-24 helicopters are in service with Ukraine. However, the latter are used for strikes, as they say, blindly - helicopters launch missiles from a low altitude, thereby not being exposed to air defense systems, which, by the way, is ineffective.

The Russian side has not yet officially responded to the transfer of Czech combat helicopters to the Ukrainian Air Force.


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