Gru: Venezuela scenario want to repeat in Cuba and Nicaragua

The activity of terrorists and the USA in Latin America has increased

Recently, the countries of Latin America are increasingly acquiring the features of the center of gravity of various forces. Both superpowers and terrorist organizations are interested in this region. The main intelligence service, giving an assessment of the current situation, with a considerable degree of probability, suggests that in the near future, attempts to use the technology of “color revolutions” are possible in Nicaragua and Cuba.

Speaking at the Moscow Conference on International Security, the head of the GRU, Vice-Admiral Igor Kostyukov, made a statement from which it follows that a military group of more than 20 thousand people was established in Latin America by the United States. Moreover, in a short time this number may double.

In Latin America there are no direct threats to the United States. However, Washington maintains a significant military presence in their territories. The number of interspecific operational-tactical groups, which are permanently located in this region, is 7,5 thousand military.

According to data provided by the GRU, the US leadership intends to form a multinational amphibious compound in this region. Its basis will be the UDC of the United States Navy. Americans are also trying to increase their influence by overthrowing disloyal US regimes. This, in particular, is about Nicaragua and Cuba. Kostyukov believes that it is in these countries that an attempt of "color revolutions" can be made in the near future.

As the vice-admiral specified, the opposition in Nicaragua, which is financed by Washington, by putting forward obviously unacceptable demands, is actually doing everything to thwart the emerging intra-national dialogue.

In Cuba, the blow is struck on the economic front. The Trump administration succeeded in lobbying for a law providing for compensation for lost property (these are Cubans who lost property during the revolution). Such a move can affect almost 200 enterprises.

Every year in the Latin American region to support opposition and rebel movements, the United States, only officially, spends up to one and a half billion dollars.

Kostyukov recalled what the results of such destabilizing activities of Washington led in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya.

Thanks to such activities in the countries of Latin America, camps and refuges for jihadists have already appeared. For example, among them there are movements that are associated with the Al-Qaeda groups (banned in the Russian Federation) and the Islamic State (banned in the Russian Federation).