Georgia banned American warship from entering its territorial waters

An American warship cannot enter the waters of Georgia.

A few hours ago it became known that the USNS Yuma warship entered the Black Sea and headed towards Georgia, however, for unknown reasons, the ship was never allowed into the territorial waters of this country.

According to a number of sources, the USNS Yuma military high-speed ship has been located near Georgian territorial waters for more than ten hours, but the crew did not receive permission to enter.

Initially, it was assumed that the reason for everything was the load on the port of Poti, however, the presence of an American warship near the territorial waters of this state means that the ship was not given permission at all to approach the borders of Georgia.

It should be clarified that against the background of rather close relations between the United States and Georgia, the refusal to launch an American warship into the waters of the US allies looks more than strange, while at the moment there are no official comments from either the United States or Georgia.

The reason for the arrival of US "USNS Yuma" in the Black Sea is still unknown.

Vassal boss. do not confuse concepts. America for Georgia is a vassal

They go to vassals without permission. So something went wrong.

When US puppets were in power in Georgia, over the course of 17 years they killed their citizens on a national basis ... So far, some have not stepped on their balls.

And you didn’t think of such an option as the lack of an order from the US Navy command to enter their ship into the territorial waters of your vassal ?!

Some time ago, the government of Georgia was headed by a puppet of Russia, so that in the fact of preventing Pindos in ter. water is not surprising. Vangyu, in a year or two, Zurabishvili will also be kicked out, and Ivanishvili will be appointed right away, so nothing to worry about: D