C-400 SAM


India wants to transfer one of the Russian C-400 to Israel for study

India may transfer Russian C-400 to Israel for study.

The commentary on one of the publications in the Indian media regarding the possible transfer of Delhi to the Israeli side of the Russian S-400 Triumph complex caused a lot of questions from experts. This is primarily due to the fact that having acquired a working air defense system, it will be possible to develop measures to counter it, which, taking into account the fact that the Russian Triumphs are designed to remain the main air defense systems of Russia for the next 15-20 years, creates a lot of threats.

Nevertheless, the reader's commentary notes that the transfer of the Russian S-400 to Israel is not due to "annoy" Russia, but in order to develop measures to counter these air defense systems, which, by the way, are in service with the PRC.

“The C-500 planned to appear in the military is still a missile defense system, although it can fight against aerodynamic targets. If Israel gains access to the technologies of Russian C-400, this will become a very, very serious problem for Russia and its allies, since such technologies will almost certainly be transferred to the United States ”, - the expert marks.

On the other hand, in this case, India itself may be in a very threatening situation, since in this case, there will also be a threat to the C-400 that are in service with this country.

Why are you surprised. Sold to several countries. Naturally, someone will give the United States, and maybe bought for the United States.

India does not risk anything. It is simply important for her to know how to deal with the C-400 delivered to China and with their Chinese copies. And it is useful for Israel - all of a sudden they will learn something new for themselves (although, judging by Syria, they already know enough; tonight they quietly worked for Akram al-Ajuri’s house in Damascus.)