missing plane


Information from the radar Kazakhstan can help in the search for missing plane

Despite the fact that India temporarily suspended the search for the Malaysian airliner missing last Saturday, Peking from Kuala Lumpur, the number of countries involved in the mysterious disappearance of the aircraft extended to 25.

Investigate the case with the mysterious disappearance of the aircraft Boeing 777-200 could be seriously simplified if Kazakhstan provides data from its radars, about which, at the moment, negotiations are underway. On the other hand, the satellites kindly provided to assist in the search for the aircraft from China did not bring any success in this operation. Nevertheless, given that information from them came only on the alleged area of ​​extinction, which is now expanded to the borders of the Indian Ocean, at least some information on this issue may appear.

Recall that on board the missing aircraft was 227 passengers whose fate, as well as the crew members is still unknown.



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