ICBM Sarmat


Tests of the heavy Sarmat ICBM had to be postponed for two months - the reason is unknown

The Russian heavy ICBM "Sarmat" will be tested only in November.

Despite the fact that the tests of the domestic heavy intercontinental ballistic missile "Sarmat" were supposed to take place in the third quarter of this year, it became known that without explaining any reasons, the tests were postponed to November. According to a number of data, this is due to some problems with the organization of the infrastructure necessary for placing the missile on alert. There are other, very interesting circumstances.

According to statements made earlier, it was planned to conduct three test launches of the Sarmat heavy ICBM for the subsequent introduction of the missile into service with the country. However, it is reported that the number of test launches for unknown reasons has been reduced to two. This may well indicate the fact that there were any problems with the tests, or the Russian military was simply not ready for test launches of heavy ICBMs.

“In total, two test launches of Sarmat ICBMs will be carried out this year, the first of which is planned to be performed in November. In 2022, flight design tests will be continued and smoothly transferred to state tests. There are no details yet, but the first regiment with Sarmat ICBMs will take up combat duty by the end of next year. Within the framework of flight design tests (LKI), it is planned to perform two launches of Sarmat ICBMs in 2021 (...) the first - in November, - TASS quotes the source. Earlier it was reported that the flight design tests of the Sarmat ICBM were supposed to start in the third quarter of this year and it was planned to carry out three launches, not two "- reports the publication "Military Review".

So far, there are no official statements on this score from the Russian Ministry of Defense. Judging by publicly available documents, the preparation of the rocket for testing has been going on for a long time.

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