MiG-29 fighters destroyed two Turkish F-16s, three air defense systems and an electronic warfare system

The MiG-29 fighters destroyed Turkish fighters, air defense systems, drones and electronic warfare systems.

A few hours ago it became known that as a result of the strikes of MiG-29 fighters, and we are talking about the very mysterious fighters, in the transfer of which the United States accused Russia of Libya, at least two Turkish F-16 fighters based at the Al -Vatia, and with them three MiM-23 Hawk air defense systems, two ACV-30 Korkut combat vehicles and an electronic warfare complex were destroyed. The air strikes are reported by "Telegram" -channel "Military Observer".

According to the data that managed to find, the airstrikes were unexpected for the Turkish military who were at the Al-Watiya airbase at that time, which means that Turkish air defense systems did not notice the approach of these combat aircraft, which may mean that, as before, the suppression of the Turkish radar was carried out with the help of the "Talisman" electronic warfare systems, which, during the last strikes, also carried out the suppression of the enemy air defense systems in order to approach the closest strike distance.

The Turkish side refuses to comment on the loss of its fighters, air defense systems, electronic warfare and other things, however, judging by the satellite images, the MiG-29 fighters did indeed bombard the military airbase of the Turkish forces and the forces of the Government of National Unity.

It should be clarified that at the moment it was not possible to establish the identity of the MiG-29 fighters located in Libya - according to the United States, they are Russian, and according to Arab media, they are Syrian and Egyptian.

So they have no other interesting types of weapons, which is what they are fighting, and you would only humiliate Russia. If it were better I would not have asked Russia.

No, we will shoot at motorcycles like you.

Destroyed two stationary fighters on the ground and the antediluvian MiM-23 Hawk, developed in the 50s of the last century. This is cool even for the MiG-15, but what will it do even for the Il-2!

Why can't I see this information on the Military Observer channel?

The boomerang is back!