Has Israel attacked Russian Su-35 fighters over Damascus? Video

Israel attacked air targets over Damascus, knowing that Russian fighters were here.

Tonight, during another Israeli strike on the territory of Syria, a video was filmed in which you can see how a missile launched by Israeli air defense systems attacks an unknown aerial target. At this point, if you believe the existing information, there were several Russian fighter jets in the sky, in connection with which, it was suggested that it was Russian aircraft that could become Israeli targets.

According to the data presented, the Israeli air defense / missile defense systems located in the Golan Heights launched several missiles in the direction of Syria. What exactly could have been their goal, so far remains unknown, but at that moment neither civilian planes nor Syrian military aircraft were in the sky, and therefore it was assumed that the Russian fighters were attacked by the Israeli military.

No official data on this matter from Israel has yet been received, however, as experts emphasize, Israel could well attack and anti-aircraft missiles launched by Syrian air defense systems.

It does not say that he shot down, but was attacked; it still does not mean shot down, SU-35 is not so easy to shoot down.

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