Israel launched more than 100 strikes on Lebanon

Israeli artillery early today fired more than 100 shells towards the outskirts of the Lebanese towns of Ramia, Beit Liv, Aita al-Shaab and Ramish, in southern Lebanon. This comes amid Israel's ongoing war against the Gaza Strip.

Israeli troops also targeted the outskirts of the towns of Al-Khiam and Kfar Qila in eastern southern Lebanon, using artillery fire and incendiary bombs. Al-Mayadeen TV channel provides data on this matter.

In response to this, the Islamic resistance in Lebanon continues its operations and attacks against Israeli forces on the Lebanese-Palestinian border, supporting the Palestinian resistance and responding to attacks by Israeli forces on southern Lebanese villages.

The day before, Hezbollah, the Islamic resistance in Lebanon, carried out seven operations, among which the most significant was aimed at the Beit Hill base, located more than 3 kilometers from the Lebanese-Palestinian border.

Meanwhile, Israeli media confirmed that a Hezbollah attack on a military transport in Beit Hill in the Upper Galilee injured 11 people. The Israeli TV channel Kan commented on the attack on the Beit Hill base, noting its exclusivity due to the remoteness of the settlement from the border with Lebanon.


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