Israel announced a 48-hour ultimatum to Lebanon, threatening to start a full-scale war

Israel issued a 48-hour ultimatum to the Lebanese government and military demanding that they begin negotiations to return Hezbollah to the positions provided for in UN Security Council Resolution 1701. If the demands are not met, the IDF is ready to launch a military operation against Hezbollah infrastructure in southern Lebanon. The ultimatum came after increased violence along the border, including Hezbollah's use of explosive drones and missiles.

As it became known, Israel carried out retaliatory airstrikes in southern Lebanon, as a result of which five houses were destroyed in the city of Aitarun. Five people were injured, but deaths were averted due to “divine intervention,” according to local official Ali Hijazi. Hezbollah called the airstrikes a "new escalation" and promised new types of attacks.

It is also reported that the Israeli army reported intercepting "suspicious air targets" from Lebanon, resulting in two soldiers receiving moderate injuries. In response, Israel launched massive strikes against Hezbollah targets.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned of serious consequences for Beirut if war breaks out with Hezbollah. Clashes between Israel and Hezbollah have intensified since the Gaza war, becoming the worst since 2006. Hezbollah says its actions are aimed at supporting Palestinians in Gaza.


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