The command of the Russian Aerospace Forces has decided to urgently deploy "Buki" in the territory of Crimea and in the Krasnodar Territory

The Russian military command urgent deployed Buk complexes on the Black Sea coast.

The command of the Russian Aerospace Forces decided on the urgent need to deploy Buk-M3 anti-aircraft missile systems on the southern coast of the Crimean Peninsula and in the Krasnodar Territory. These long-range air defense systems are significantly inferior to the S-300, S-350 and S-400 systems, although they are one of the best in the class of medium-range air defense systems for hitting air targets, which caused a lot of controversy, especially after the Buk air defense system other modifications were also deployed in other countries, in particular, we are talking about Syria and Libya, replacing the Pantsir-S air defense missile system, which does not exclude the possibility that potential opponents can prepare provocations or have the ability to circumvent Russian air defense missile systems.

“The armament of the 90th anti-aircraft missile brigade located in the Krasnodar Territory will receive Buk-M3 anti-aircraft missile systems (air defense systems), which will cover the Caucasus and the Black Sea from possible enemy attacks. “The novelty is capable of hitting not only planes and helicopters, but also cruise missiles, drones and even hypersonic targets,” the newspaper writes. It is also noted there that the timing of the arming of air defense systems depends on the fulfillment of the state defense order by the enterprises of the military-industrial complex ”, - about it сообщает "".

Experts draw attention to the fact that with a probability of hitting an aerodynamic target of 99,9999%, the complexes have a relatively short range - only about 70 kilometers, and taking into account modern air-launched missiles that are armed with NATO, they are launched because the limits of the zone of destruction of Buk complexes.

It is noteworthy that at the time of a serious conflict between Turkey and Syria, the Syrian military replaced the Pantsir-S systems with Buk air defense systems and achieved stunning success against Turkish drones. Something similar was observed in Libya, which received Buk-M2 air defense systems from Egypt, which, in just three days, “neutralized” 23 Turkish drones.

You see, BUK has nothing to do with the videoconferencing system. This is military air defense.

On the face of the deep separation of air defense systems (for morons - air defense is now part of the aerospace forces). Thus, three lines of defense of the airspace are created in excess of the distant, far and near. Very timely and necessary!

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It’s strange, why then is there a part with the C300 under Korenovsk?

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Shell C does not see drones and it has low accuracy of cannons for small targets, it’s hard for him to get into a drone, maybe they completed it in the SM version. And this is how Torah and Buki are effective against drones.

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But are Bukee members included in the VKS, and not in air defense? Or have they already been combined?

You have a typo.
Not 23 in three days, but 230 plus one submarine.