Kurds in northern Syria mass ATGM positions of Turkish troops

The Kurds counterattack the positions of the Turkish army.

As soon as the Turkish army announced its intention to launch a ground operation in northern Syria, the Kurdish armed formations suddenly seized the initiative and launched an attack on the positions of the Turkish army. The strikes are targeted, but very painful - over the past three days, the Turkish army has lost three armored vehicles and at least 10 military personnel.

On the video footage obtained by journalists, one can see one of the moments of the use of an anti-tank missile system against Turkish troops in Iraq. As a result of a rocket launch from a distance of about four kilometers, at least four Turkish soldiers were eliminated. Given that the Kurdish formations are armed with hundreds of anti-tank systems, this poses a rather serious threat to Ankara.

Among other things, it also became known that the Syrian army is busy moving its troops to the border with Turkey. This does not exclude clashes between the two countries, and given that Damascus will be supported by Russia, this creates serious problems for Ankara.


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