About a hundred Swifts remain in service with Ukraine, which continue to attack Russian territory.

The Ukrainian army may have about a hundred more Tu-141 Strizh UAVs.

According to sources, by the time the special military operation in Ukraine began, about 50 Tu-141 Strizh unmanned aerial vehicles were in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Some of the drones, for obvious reasons, were destroyed as a result of Russian strikes on military and critical infrastructure, some of the drones have already been used for strikes on Russian territory. However, the Armed Forces of Ukraine still have about 20 unmanned aerial vehicles that are capable of flying at a distance of up to 1000 kilometers, which pose a serious danger.

These unmanned aerial vehicles are used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine as carriers of FAB-100-120 aerial bombs, which are capable of causing very serious damage. Recently, a settlement was attacked by such a drone. in the Tula region, and even when the UAV was shot down, the damage turned out to be extremely serious.

However, there is evidence that at the Kharkov Aviation Plant, despite the suspension of the production of Tu-141 Swift drones in the 90s of the last century, there are still about a hundred buildings that can technically be turned into deadly drones, which poses a very serious risk.


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