UAV Ababil-3


Iranian attack drone "Ababbil-3" shot down over Israel

An Iranian attack drone launched from Syria was shot down over Israel.

This morning, Israel's air defense systems shot down an Iranian attack drone Ababil-3 in the sky, which was launched from the territory of neighboring Syria. According to data available to the news agency, the drone could be used both for strikes on Israeli territory and to take part in coordinating strikes.

According to Israeli media, the drone could have been launched from Syrian territory by both the Iranian military to support the Palestinians and members of the Lebanese organization Hezbollah - the circumstances of this are currently being established.

In the presented picture you can see the wreckage of the downed drone, by which analysts identified the Iranian UAV "Ababil-3".

One of the reasons for the non-use of drones against Israel was the rather great success of the use of Iranian drones by members of radical Palestinian organizations, in particular, out of 12 launched drones, at least 8 of them successfully hit their targets, moreover, the kamikaze drones were not detected by Israeli air defense systems and were able to successfully break through the protected areas over the territory of the Jewish state.

A pitiful attempt to pull an owl onto a globe. The conflict has been going on for more than a dozen years. And is Russia always interested in it? And nobody else's? Probably the United States has nothing to do with it? Or is there peace and tranquility where a NATO soldier appears? But the facts, including historical ones, suggest the opposite.

What nonsense they wrote in this article. All the drones that flew into Israel were safely shot down. And one of the drones with explosives generally fell on those who launched it ...

How the plan of Russia and Iran failed. The Palestinians are already waiting for an offer of a truce from Israel. Shas there are those who will say, "What does Russia have to do with it?" Well, about the fact that the terrorists' Russian weapons fell from the wrong Tu-160, I think we all understand, but why the Palestinians want to come to an agreement in Moscow? not