NATO ships


NATO wants to send its warships to the Black Sea

NATO warships are proposed to be sent to the Black Sea.

Estonian General Rigo Terras took the initiative to send NATO warships to the Black Sea. According to Terrace, this is allegedly necessary to ensure the freedom of navigation and the safety of civilian ships in the neutral waters of the Black Sea, however, in reality, such steps by NATO are an attempt to confront Russia and distract it from a special military operation in Ukraine.

General Rigaud Terras believes that if NATO ships enter the waters of the Black Sea, clashes with Russia will be avoided, however, according to him, the North Atlantic Alliance is unlikely to support such an initiative.

“I do not think that Russia would dare to attack NATO ships escorting civilian ships, because this would lead to a direct clash with the Alliance. Unfortunately, I am practically convinced that NATO will not send their ships for fear of escalation, but I am sure that Russia will not dare to attack their ships., - said General Rigaud Terrace.

The appearance of a group of NATO ships in the Black Sea can definitely be considered a direct provocation against Russia, but, at the same time, Ankara has previously clearly indicated its position - foreign warships not assigned to ports in the Black Sea will not be allowed through the Bosphorus.