Attack on the APU


Unknown drone attacked a battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - destroyed military equipment

Donbass militias managed to destroy the equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine using an unknown drone.

Several hours ago, the LDNR forces managed to carry out a successful attack on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to information obtained by the news agency, an unknown drone successfully attacked the positions of the 82nd separate logistics battalion of the Ukrainian army, as a result of which at least 8 units of military equipment were destroyed - one tanker and seven military trucks.

On the presented video frames, you can see the consequences of the attack by the LPNR forces on the position of the 82nd separate battalion of material support of the Ukrainian army. The Ukrainian side has not yet commented on the information about the likely victims and injured, however, the current attack by the people's militia of the self-proclaimed republics is one of the most successful over the past year.

It was possible to find out that the incident took place several tens of kilometers from Lugansk - in the city of Rubezhnoe, where the forces of the 82nd separate battalion of material support of the Ukrainian army are located.

Despite the data presented, there are still no official comments from representatives of the DPR and LPR on this matter, however, the incident, obviously, can lead to a new aggravation of the situation in the region.

Doesn't sound like an airstrike. Rather, there was simply a fire with the spread of fire, due to non-compliance with fire safety rules.

Nonsense, no one attacked them, they themselves did it out of idleness

Nonsense, no one attacked them, they themselves did it out of idleness

Maybe ENOUGH killing each other.
We were born for this.
I wish and you probably want too
Live and rejoice in this world.
LET'S LIVE FRIENDLY, respect each other.

you don't even need to fight with such Ukrainian soldiers, they will destroy themselves ,,,

For people like you, one “poplar” is enough ...!

You better see from under the bed !!?

As far as I understand, the LPNR hit the military equipment, didn't they? And what does the Russian language have to do with it? Those who are jumping and zigging speak excellent Russian.

A smart idea - stop testing weapons in Syria - now we will test them on rabbits - so Zelena said !!!

And this is not an unknown drone! Hailey Likely is an OSCE drone. There is such a completely useless, completely corrupt European organization. For money, they are ready to blow up anyone.

And where do you see that someone is hitting the "peacemaker"? Or have you not read the text?

Leo Leo, not embarrassed, but SURPRISING that the drone flew "several tens of kilometers" to bomb 8 utility vehicles, which might not be there. Not weird ?
I think that the employees of the material battalion were smoking next to the tanker of the tanker.

Looks like this

As I understand it, none of the unrespected commentators is embarrassed that the "LPNR" is beating the residents of this settlement. Basically, by the way, Russian-speaking residents ...

Put 100 Lancets and end the war!

Now it would not hurt a couple of field arsenals ... to "sell".
"Call the cat what you want. If only you can catch mice" :)

Fodder and solarium were sold, the equipment was burned, writing off as losses.
Return to civilian clothes in footcloths from Versace)))

Judging by the location of the burnt-out equipment and the absence of shrapnel traces, there are two assumptions, the first is that the air conditioner exploded and, most likely, diesel fuel was sold ...

they said it was a fire