VIM-Avia Airline


Passengers St Petersburg - Phuket flight expected 18 hours

Airplane airline "VIM-Avia" within 18 hours could not fly from Saint Petersburg to Antalya.

It follows from the information provided by the direct customers of airline "VIM-Avia", scheduled on the eve of the flight from the airport "Pulkovo" was moved to 18 hours, while, as evidenced by passenger data, representatives have reported that the culprit was the late arrival of the aircraft vessel, although the circumstances that caused it, were not disclosed.

It should be clarified that until recently, the air carrier "VIM-Avia" quite often delayed their flights, however, later, the number of delays was reduced to a minimum, and they manifest themselves, perhaps, only in a number of situations.

Read airline reviews before flying with their airline! For me personally, "Vim-Avia" is forever on the black list. In July 16, through their fault, he spent 8 hours at the airport longer than the one announced on the ticket. Freaks!

Probably on Phuket with transfer in Antalya

I did not understand in Phuket or Antalya ??? These are very different directions and countries. Would you decide ....

Where were you flying to? Or are they already vseravno?



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