Missiles fired at Israeli warships

Rockets were fired from the territory of the Gaza Strip at Israeli ships.

According to Palestinian sources, members of the Hamas movement made their first attempt the previous day to attack Israeli warships, from which missiles were fired into the Gaza Strip. It is reported that most of the missiles fired did not even reach the target, while a few more missiles posed no threat to the Israeli fleet.

Despite the fact that the use of missiles against Israeli warships did not give any result, experts draw attention to the fact that Hamas is armed with a very large number of Iranian kamikaze drones, which in recent days in the vast majority of cases managed to bypass the radar Israeli air defense systems, and given the ability to control the flight, "Hamas" may well strike at the Israeli fleet.

According to analysts, the armed Palestinian-Israeli conflict will end within the next week, while, obviously, Israel is also interested in ending the clashes, realizing that in the event of an aggravation of the situation, Iran and Lebanese Hezbollah may join the conflict, which is already very significant a threat even by the standards of the IDF, since the United States does not intend to get involved in this armed conflict.

the Palestinians' missiles are probably Russian-made, the same ones that the Armenians used, reach two out of ten.